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Photograph of a basin thickener installation dorr oliver eimco. It starts with the early design of the dorr thickener and describes the progress made in understanding the process. It starts with the early design of the dorr thickener and describes the progress made in understanding the. Thickener is polyurethane, hydroxyethyl cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose, modified. Poor solidliquid separation functions can threaten the overall performance of your processing plant. Dorr oliver pulse transfer thickening a cost effective solution to sludge dilution problems in wastewater treatment plants lic resistance and the net result is more and more dilution as the pumping cycle continues.

With our efficient feed dilution and flocculation technology, we provide superior thickening performance in the form of better overflow clarity and higher underflow densities, while minimising your operating expenses. Pdf thickener waste management in mineral processing to. As solids are collected at the bottom of the tank, the liquid supernatant is discharged through the outlet. Modeling the effects of ore properties on water recovery in the. The invention of the dorr thickener clarification and thickening involve the settling of one sub stance in solid particulate form through. One of the keys to produce paste or thickened tailings from a thickener is to ensure. The objective of water recovery in thickener is to thickener area to have lower pressure depth, appropriate increase the solids concentration at the underflow to. Call it what you will dilution, postholing, ratholing, coning it becomes a serious and expensive problem. Flsm powerpoint presentation template flsmidth logo.

Eimco, flsmidth, dorroliver, phoenix, lamella and westech are popularly used. Dorr oliver eimco pdf in august of, dorr oliver and eimco joined the worldwide operations of flsmidth minerals, complementing their cement and minerals divisions. A button that says download on the app store, and if clicked it. Effect of thickener concentration on ks values and color fastness rates of cyan ink jet printed fabrics. Design of laboratory and commercial equipment commonly used for the separation of coarse solids in a. An innovation is the dorroliver eimco ecat thickeners which has dispensed with the rakes and. Del mobile clarifier and thickener tanks del corporation. During the retention time, the heavier particles settle out and thicken at the bottom of the tank as a result of gravitational forces. Tanks are dorr knows how the first conventional thickeners used in the. Photograph of a basin thickener installation dorroliver eimco. Optimisation of thickener performance semantic scholar. World leader in thickener design and installation for big plants 125m traction thickener collahuasi,chile eimco and dorr oliver thickeners. Thickener type underflow density required rheology so, you need to check with clever process guys at mip before using a value now, t torque k x d2 where t max operating torque in ft.

Data analysis is completely manual and hence time consuming. It is defined as a method of continuous dewatering of a dilute pulp, wherein a. Settlingthickening tanks are used to achieve separation of the liquid and solid fractions of faecal sludge. Your door was always open for me to discuss any issues i. Readers may only download, print and save electronic copies of whole works for their own. Buckeye coal company, nemacolin mine, nemacolin, greene county, pennsylvania. A p p l i c a t i o n g u a r a n t e e a higher level of performance application reference improving the efficiency of ccd thickeners in gold and goldcopper mining processes. This is duo to the fact that thickeners are limited by permeability and compressibility in operating. Feed slurry enters the feed well, which is usually located in the centre of the thickener, through a pipe.

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